GPS Bus Tracking Module

Manage your fleet of school buses and ensure the safety of children with a GPS based tracking system

UniCampus GPS Bus Tracking Solution makes this possible!!!

Child security is of utmost priority not just for parents but for the school management too. UniCampus’s GPS Bus Tracking Solution makes school bus tracking easy thus ensuring that students are safe even outside the school. Real-time notifications, routes, location of buses, student route, stops, idle time, speed and much more is tracked with accuracy.

What more? UniCampus GPS Bus Tracking Solution is a complete package that includes monitoring the driver, the speed, along with access to reports, notifications and driver behaviour too!

For parents, UniCampus GPS Bus Tracking Solution allows them to remain stress-free when it comes to their child's safety and whereabouts.

Here is what UniCampus will do

Stress-free approach for parents and the school management

With the UniCampus GPS Bus Tracking Solution, parents and the school can be rest assured about the safety of their children while travelling to and from the school. With pick-up and drop points and real time tracking available the parents instantly know when their child has left the school premises, and when they are expected to turn up on the drop off points.

Customized alerts

UniCampus GPS Bus Tracking Solution uses GPS to gather the exact location of the school bus, for every student and sends out the same in real time to the parent. This helps parents get a clear view of where their child is.

Real-time updates

UniCampus GPS Bus Tracking Solution generates all information regarding the routes taken by the buses, and gets location updates in real time.

Optimal, effective bus management

UniCampus GPS Bus Tracking Solution ensures a well organised bus management structure, along with being cost effective.

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